Smart Investor

Digitize and manage all your investments on your device. Get alerts on maturity.

Smart Investor
Smart Investor

Smart Investor

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Smart Investor is meant for individual investor who invests money at different places.

  • Manage all your investments at one place.
  • Supports Life insurance, Pension plans, Term deposits (Fixed deposits), Recurring deposits, Monthly income schemes, Real estate investments, stock market investment.
  • Store the photos of investment documents.
  • Get recurring deposit alert, Premium due alert, Maturity Alerts and other important alerts right on your device.
  • Compute your net invested wealth on a "Click".
  • Export the investments to excel file for more profound analysis.
  • Password protect the app to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Completely secure!! App does not use internet so your investment details are safe on your device. Smart Investor does not collect any of your personal or investment data.
  • Back up and restore investment data.
  • Generate basic reports and export them to excel.
  • Archive matured investments to history for permanent reference.
Smart Investor - Phone View
Smart Investor - Tablet View
Smart Investor - Phone View