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Programming Solutions - Evolve Inc
-development frameworks -mobile, web, client-server, api development -highly secure custom platforms never hacked or intruded
We are a coding crazy team, who like to discover technologies that make the solutions user friendly, scalable, stable and efficient. We rely on logical capabilities more then programming language proficiency and that has made us truely platform independent. We have already worked on a number of platforms such as :
  • Google App engine
  • Google cloud functions and microservices
  • Google cloud utilities
  • AWS development
  • Core language programming in PHP, Python, Java, C++, ASP, Perl, Swift, Scala, Ruby
  • RDMBS, Non RDBMS and Semi RDBMS databases such as MSSql, MySQL (MyISAM and InnoDB), PgSQL, Google Datastore, Google BigQuery, BigData, SQLite
Our abilities enable us to work on any given platform on a given day and it is not restricted to the list provided above.
We make constant efforts to make sure that the platforms developed by us are highly secure. We take great pride in stating that the applications we created have never been hacked or intruted. We provide solutions to your preferences and are always happy to provide you valuable technical insights to make your Idea successful in terms of technology.

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